Today, I am choosing to focus on something we have lived with all our lives, but may not have paid much attention to. Have you ever watched the wonder of a baby exploring it’s body? When was the last time you explored your body with such rapt attention and awe. Today, I encourage you to explore your hand with your sen of sight. If you are an amputee, you may choose to joyfully explore your amputated limb or your artificial limb. If you are paralyzed, do this in your mind.

Do you feel more gratitude for your hand, now that I brought into your awareness that some people are missing a limb?

Spend a full 5 minutes exploring the lines and wrinkles, freckles or spots. Start by looking at your hand. Let’s start with the back of your hand. Observe your skin – it’s tone and all the bumps and valleys, the blood vessels. Check out the wrinkles in your knuckles. Your fingernails. Do you see the little half moon. What do you pay attention to? Shapes, colors or do are you more aware of a different sense? Now flip your hand over and really look at the palm of your hand. All those lines mean something to someone who studies or practices palmistry. Are you judging your hand? It’s so old and wrinkled. My veins are so blue. I need a manicure. My fingers are fat.

Image result for magnifying glass clipart  Or are you simply observing. There is no right way to do this. Just pay attention to what your thoughts are. After spending even one minute looking at your hand, do you have a greater appreciation for your hand? Maybe you do and maybe not. Just pay attention to your thoughts about your hand and about your sense of sight. Did you need to put on reading glasses to see the details. If so, what would it be like to experience your hand without using your glasses or if you were blind? Did it seem like this took forever? Or are you surprised that 5 minutes passed so quickly?

Feel free to share your thoughts and insights.Image result for writing clip art

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