So many smells, so little time

So many smells, so little time

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Remember last time, we Joyfully Explored one of our hands – or possibly another body part. Were you aware of your sense of smell as you visually explored your hand? Today we Joyfully Explore our sense of smell. Let’s use our hand again. Maybe you just cut a lemon or an onion. Did you apply a lotion or oil to your skin? Or perfume? How does the smell make you feel? What do you smell in the atmosphere? Are you aware of the smells in your home? The cleaners you use.Image result for wonderful smell clip art

Or scented soaps. Perhaps you have an ozone machine or an ionizer. Do you have plants in your home that give off a scent? Maybe you have a vase of fresh flowers. Jut take a deep breath through your nose and notice what you smell. Can you describe it? Do you have a lost or diminished sense of smell? It does seem to fade as we age and you may need to find something very strong. Maybe it’s just so commonplace and familiar that you can’t even describe it. That’s alright, too. Just notice.

Image result for wonderful smell clip artIf you are not aware of any particular smell, go find a smell in your home, whether it’s a fragrance, an essential oil, a body lotion or cleaning product, something from the refrigerator. Are you aware of how aware you are of your sense of smell? What did you choose?


How does the smell make you feel? Does it bring up any memories? Image result for wonderful smell clip artBad Smell Smiley

If you’re really at a loss, use your imagination. Go to a memory or dream that involves a smell. Your mother’s perfume or cooking dinner. The first time you changed your baby’s diaper. Your father’s cologne or the smell of freshly mown grass. Who does the smell remind you of? If you are really willing to go deep….why did you choose the fragrance you chose, what do you need to know about the person the smell reminds you of. Spend 5 minutes or more, joyfully exploring your sense of smell.

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