Play with a New Perspective

Play with a New Perspective

I love to play with making up words to my favorite songs or tunes. Little kids learn so much from singing. Years later, we can still remember the lyrics to songs we heard over and over as children.

Take the song, Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall. One day I heard this tune in my head with the words One Hundred Joyful Thoughts in My Heart. The new song goes like this…One hundred joyful thoughts in my heart. One hundred joyful thoughts. Take one down pass it around, one thousand joyful thoughts in my heart. One thousand joyful thoughts in my heart. One thousand joyful thoughts. Take one down pass it around, ten thousand joyful thoughts in my heart. I think you get the idea. What you send out comes back to you multiplied.

It made me realize how much fun it is to Joyfully Explore things from a different perspective. The banner I added to my blog site is a photo I took from Moore Cove Falls in Pisgah National Forest – from behind the falls. A view we don’t often get to see when viewing waterfalls. Have you ever stood in the rain, looking up into the drops as they fell from the sky?

Here in The Land of Waterfalls, we also have beautiful wildflowers popping up in the forests at different times of the year. The May Apple has a very distinctive leaf, so it’s an easy plant to spot. The JOY comes when you get down below the leaf to see the beautiful bloom. There are trilliums like this, too. The leaf shape gives them away and many varieties have their flower on top of the leaves. But for a few, I’ve noticed, you need to get low to the ground to find the flower.

This week, do something a bit different from your normal routine. Joyfully Explore a new perspective. Make up words to a song. Stop in the middle of your yoga or stretching routine and look around from the floor or from upside down. Imagine what your child sees from one or two or three feet off the floor, rather than the five-foot plus perspective you have.

I love that I set the intention to find something to write about and all these little synchronicities showed up for me to explore…

I recently read a book about feng shui and, after calculating my Kua number, decided to change my sleeping position to a different direction. It’s simply amazing what you notice when you look at things with fresh eyes, not to mention the benefits of sleeping with your head facing the “right” direction.

My Kindle broke last week, so that I can no longer read in portrait view. I really don’t like reading a book in landscape format. I think it’s why I’m not crazy about reading on my computer, yet it made me appreciate how easily I can change the dimensions of my software program or browsing window to make it portrait size. When I opened my Kindle after this awareness, a notice about the big sale on Kindles showed up! Yay! Thank you Universe. And thank you, Me, for being open enough to receive.

We all view the world through the veils of our experiences and beliefs. How would it feel to remove one or two of those patterns and Joyfully Explore a new world? Does playing with this bring you a new appreciation for anything in your life? Any new awarenesses? Have fun!

Joyfully Yours, Beth

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